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Magalie Quinti, osteopath in Beausoleil near Monaco and Cap d'Ail

Le 19 août 2020
Magalie Quinti, osteopath in Beausoleil near Monaco and Cap d'Ail
Are you pregnant and need the expertise of an osteopath near Monaco?Are you an athlete having trouble recovering from a sprain? Entrust Madame QUINTI with your pains! This osteopath, installed in a cabinet shared with other health professionals, will hel

Osteopathy for newborns and children

Holder of the osteopath diploma obtained in 2016 at ATMAN Sophia Antipolis, Madame QUINTI receives all kinds of patients in her office in Beausoleil, near Monaco. During the consultation, this expert will analyze the situation via multiple questions, then begin various gentle manipulations and finish by providing advice for your exercises.

During these 45 minutes, this gentle and patient osteopath will take care of relieving your baby's pain or his reflux problems. Having completed several training courses in pediatric osteopathy, Madame QUINTI thus obtained an additional qualification.

Experienced, rigorous, attentive to its youngest patients, your specialist in pediatric osteopathy is available over wide time slots. At the end of the consultation, you can make a payment by check, cash or bank card.

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Osteopathy for pregnant women

Do you suffer from back pain during your pregnancy?

This specialist will be able to perform various gentle manipulations to relieve you of these pains. Whether you live in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, Menton, Drap, La Trinité, Villefranche-sur-Mer or Contes, this professional is at your disposal for an osteopathic assessment and emergency treatment at your home.

Practicing cranial, visceral, fascial osteopathy, Madame QUINTI offers you quality services. Structural or soft, the techniques used by this professional have already proven themselves.

Specialized in sports osteopathy, this osteopath of Monaco performs preventive consultations following operations or even during pain during sports.

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Ostéopathy for athletes

Specialized  in sports osteopathy, Magalie Quinti is used to welcoming sports patients to bring her expertise and allow them to practice their sport in the best conditions. To prevent possible injuries, osteopathy can be very useful.

Your osteopath in Beausoleil, Monaco, Cap d’Ail, with an initial diagnosis, can distinguish weak points that can potentially be a source of injury later, by working on these points as well as on stretching, your osteopath can prevent pain and injury.


Your osteopath at home

This osteopath is also able to move to Monaco or Cap-d'Ail. Obviously, in case of emergency, she can go to your home located in Saint-André-de-la-Roche, Tourrette-Levens, Nice or Gattières.

Skilled, qualified, this osteopath located in Beausoleil is able to speak English and Italian for her foreign patients. Whether it is a curative or preventive treatment, Madame QUINTI will listen to you and make every effort to meet your expectations.

Thanks to her gentle techniques, this professional will permanently relieve you of your pains. Comfortably installed at home, you can benefit from her professional qualities and her solid medical knowledge acquired during her various training courses.